World Traditional Medicine Patent Database Since probability of missing target is up to 80% while searching in unprocessed patents, even 90% in medicine patents. East Linden has devoted to construction of deep-processed patent database since its foundation in 2003, owning to a highly specialized team for serving business in multi-fields and multi-languages.
       World Traditional Medicine Patent Database (WTMPD) is the first comprehensive bilingual (Chinese/English) patent database independently developed in China by East Linden, which includes patents, related to natural medicines or extractions, issued since 1985 by more than 20 patent authorities, two organizations (European Patent Offi ce and World Intellectual Property Organization) in eight languages, contents including unique registration number of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), chemical structure, formula, IPC, assignee code, legal status of patent, also supplies Chinese/English patents by LindenTrans machine translation, auxiliary files, with 30 specialized search portals.

       In June 2009, a new anti-influenza A traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) compound is discovered by Chinese American Dr. Jun Xu. He focuses on analyzing the binding patterns between protein N1 and small molecular untie-infl uenza A virus drugs, and his approach is based on data retrieval and data mining using the WTMPD. Animal tests by the P3 laboratory of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of China have proved that the compound is effective in protecting and treating mice pneumonia infected with influenza A. As it takes only three months for the research to achieve noticeable progress, this database-based approach can be deemed as a shortcut for drug design in an efficient and cost-effective manner, which is especially useful for developing countries like China.
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