Lindentrans machine translation

       As the professional IP information service provider with multilingual patent information deep processing capability in China, East Linden launched LindenTrans, a hybrid online C2E/E2C machine translation system. By adoption of the state-of-the-art layered phrase-based statistical machine translation model, unique template and translation memory technology, LindenTrans can achieve more accurate and fast machine translation of massive patent documents and non-patent scientifi c literature between Chinese and English with the support of tens of millions of high quality manually aligned Chinese-English parallel corpora and millions of specialized terms in various fi elds, thereby overcoming language barriers in the use of patents, improving the retrieval recall and precision, and increasing the value in use of patent databases. LindenTrans involves various domains such as traditional Chinese medicine, biomedicine, chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, electronics and mechanics.

       Strengths of LindenTrans
       Advanced technologies: Layered phrase-based statistical machine translation model combined with template and translation memory technologies.
       Specialization: 20 million high-quality manually aligned specialized parallel corpora, 20 million technical terms and over 80000 manually collected templates.
       Multi-domains: Traditional Chinese medicine, biomedicine, chemistry, electronics, mechanics.
       Personalization: Users can create and manage their own dictionaries and templates.
       High accuracy, high speed: Achieve accurate fast machine translation of patent and non-patent literature between Chinese and English.

       Products and services

       Online C2E/E2C machine translation services: for free trial account, please email: mcx@eastlinden.com
       Human-assisted machine translation: Cost-effi cient translation services
       Various technical terminology: New materials, equipment manufacture, new energies, biomedicine.
       Specialized corpora: Manually aligned Chinese-English parallel sentence pairs involving various technical domains.
       Multilingual machine translation services.

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