Liu yanhuai ,the founder of Eastlinden applied Han suyin scholarship in 1989 and went to the United State to learn online retrieval technology for nearly two years. Then she went to the State Intellectual Property Office Patent Search Center when she came back. She taught search courses for the censors, and she had hold the patent information search annual for over 9 years since 2003. She invited foreign experts to teach STN Derwnt and other patent retrieval system . She also published many books including “Foreign patent database search guide”, “Patent search on the Internet ”, and so on .Eastlinden had hold a total of 100 lectures in the country .

       Search types.

Type of search
Novelty Search
  Also known as novelty Search for the same technology for the program

 Project approval Patent application
  The most senior team
  Maximum service efficiency
Legal Status Search
  Search for the target patent-related events and current legal status
    Confirm patent validity
  More than 70 percent of customers choose Eastlinden in Beijing
Invalidation Search
  Search for the invalid evidence and analyze for the reasons
 Against patent litigation and eliminate patent barriers
  Successfully invalid 1340 patent in the last 12 years.
Clearance Search
  Search for the technology-related or specific goods-related patents and to analyze the risk of infringement
   Product listing /export and market risk assessment
  Senior lawyers who are proficient in multiple laws and provide insurance.
Technology Search
 Search for specific technology-related patents and other literature

 Technical investigation
 Project survey
  Takethe customer demand as the center and screen as needed
Patentee Search
  Search for the related patents as demanded
 Competitor analysis
  The most comprehensive data

       Effect and Value
       Our quality of patent application and R&D efficiency has improved significantly because of novelty search and also subverted the awareness of leaders about intellectual property.
                                                                                                                                                 ----Senior of intellectual property rights

       We have been entrusted Eastlinden to provide various types of patent search services ,because we believe that Eastlinden is one of the most professional companies.
                                                                                                                                                ----The founder of a leading law firm.

       Eastlinden search report makes us confident in the international market and we all respect the professional attitude of Linden.
                                                                                                                                               ----Tian jin a world-class Chinese enterprises founder
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