Customer demand
       2 intellectual property specialists, more than 200 R & D team, patent applications, training, management fees... There is no time to do search.
       Do the retrieval training, R & D engineers still find IPR to do search, they need not only the patent information, but also need to translate and analyze.
       A common patent database account at tens of thousands of pieces, the patent retrieval formula is so complicated, and no the bought database.
                                                                                             - Enterprise Intellectual Property Management

       Project patent database -the process of making VS value creation


Production process

Value creation

Select Eastlinden

Identify technical topics

Narrow data range

10 years experience in a senior expert

Identify areas of subdivision

To the user need

In-depth study of corporate strategy and sector settings
R&D personnel communication

Identify search leads, keywords, IPC, corporate name, etc.

To ensure the precision, recall

55 people search expert team, iterative improvement

Compiling the retrieval formula

No need to retrieve knowledge
One key to find the required patent

Repeatedly verified, continuous improvement

Software Integration & installation

High stability
Low maintenance cost

7*24 hours technical support

Analysis & consultation

Find the most promising direction

Unique technical expert database, more than 1600 experts in various fields

Data update新

pdate cost

the intellectual property information dservices deep processing industry 


       Data opportunity
       - patents contain 95% to 90% of the world's technical information, and the public to the technical information than other carriers as early as 1-2 years.
       - the world R & D average output, compared with other activities, the economic value of more than 90% patents
       - effectively use of patent information can save 40% of R&D funds and 60% of R&D time.
       - World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

       Successful case

       - Electronic Information: integrated circuit patent information platform (China Electronics Industry Group), smart card technology patent database, wireless radio frequency technology patent information platform, etc.

       - energy chemical industry: silicon material patent information platform (Shanghai Jiaotong University), building materials and patent information platform, chlor alkali electrolysis technology patent information platform

       - Bio pharmaceutical: chemical drug patent information platform (SPG), biological feed patent information platform, medical apparatus and instruments of patent information platform

       - machinery and equipment category: mining equipment patent information platform (Bao Gang), CNC hydraulic machine patent information platform, Analysis instrument patent information platform, etc.

       - Automotive transportation: new power automobile patent information platform (steam Research Institute), maglev vehicle patent information platform, and Special vehicles patent information platform

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